Sunday, September 18, 2011

An introduction...

First blog post ever! I follow so many blogs and have collected so much inspiration and ideas from them over time that I feel it is time that I at least try to contribute to the blog world.  I have felt like a blogger "wannabe" for so long because I always think about what mine would look like and what pictures I'd post on it ...(I realize this is a little pathetic).  My husband always asks me why I don't create my own instead of being so concerned about other people's lives and my excuse was I don't have a nice camera to post cute pictures on it.  But I need to get over that and do this! 

My name is Ashley, the husband's name is Scott.  We live in Mesa, Arizona and have been married for a year and a half.  Time has flown by!

Scott is the perfect husband. Literally, he is.  I love him more than anything and I'm sure most of my posts will be about him and how in love I am with him.  Just look at that face...

and this is me...the luckiest wife in the world.


  1. Welcome to blogging! You and your husband are adorable!

  2. Good luck. =) ANd I hope you turn out to love it as much as we do in the blogosphere.

  3. I love you two!! Can't wait to move back to AZ and hang out!!